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The International Certification Network IQNet is the world's largest certification network with more than 36 partner organizations. Since its formation in 1990, more than 170 000 companies in 150 countries have been certified. IQNet certification, which only Quality Austria is allowed to issue in Austria, is recognized in 51 countries. 



The European Organization for Quality coordinates the quality management activities of its members. Founded in 1956, it comprises 34 national European quality organizations as well as institutes, firms and experts around the world.



CIS (Certification & Information Security Services GmbH / Ltd.) as an accredited Certification Body does not only conduct independent audits and certifications of management systems acc. to ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 but also provides the relevant trainings, including certification of persons.  The auditors and lecturers of CIS meet the complex requirements placed on theory and practice. For in their main professions, they are active in the fields of information security and information technology and constantly further develop their knowledge in a practice oriented manner.



Quality Austria is the National Partner Organisation of the European Foundation for Quality Management – in short EFQM – which was founded in 1988 in Brussels by 14 leading European organisations. EFQM maintains partnerships with national organisations active in the same field in order to jointly impart know-how for sustainable excellence in Europe. Today the network has several thousand members. As owner of the Excellence Model, EFQM presents the EFQM Excellence Award – an international award for excellent performance. Comparing oneself with the best-in-class is used as a driver for success.



The German Association of the Automotive Industry VDAnationally and internationally promotes the interests of the entire German automotive industry in all fields of the motor transport sector. The more than 100 year-old association promotes the interests of its members in economic, transport and environmental policy, technical legislation, standardization and quality assurance. 
Its body of members consists partly of automobile manufacturers and their development partners, the suppliers, and partly of the manufacturers of trailers, body superstructures and containers. The VDA organizes, under its own auspices, the annual International Motor Show IAA, the IAA Passenger Cars held in odd years and, in even years, the IAA Commercial Vehicles.   



The International Automotive Task Force IATF is an ad hoc group of automotive manufacturers and their respective trade associations. Together with Technical Committee TC 176 of the International Organization for Standardization ISO, a working group was formed to establish a globally recognized automotive standard, especially for suppliers of automotive industry. IATF members include the world's most renowned vehicle manufacturers (BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Renault SA, Volkswagen) and their respective trade associations (AIAG, ANFIA, FIEV, SMMT, VDA-QMC).
The goal of the IATP is to ensure an internationally uniform approach to conducting certification audits. Thus, the authorization and monitoring of certification organization is exclusively carried out by the IATF.



ASEP (Austrian Senior Experts Pool) and its members, Senior Experts, form a “competence network” of managers and experts who are “retired but not tired”. They provide their experience, knowledge and networks on a honorary basis, which means that the potential of the Senior Experts can be utilized for the community. Senior Experts implement the concept of a “third phase of life”, which is characterized by health, activity and serving the community. ASEP is independent and supra-partisan.


Membership in Clusterorganizations



AUVA (Allgemeine Unversicherungsanstalt - Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks) is the social accident insurance for about 3 million gainfully employed persons, 1.3 million pupils and students, numerous voluntary relief organizations and life-savers. AUVA is a representation of interests of employers and employees and thus strives for protecting each single insured person from personal harm and pain and financial losses and to preserve the companies' economic efficiency and performance.



DGQ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V. - German Society for Quality), which was established in Frankfurt in 1952, is the market leader in further training in quality management and thus the biggest and most experienced provider of further training in the field of management systems in Germany. Qualified further training in quality and environmental management and OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) management is priortized. In the field of Total Quality Management in the sense of the EFQM Excellence Model in organizations, DGQ takes a leading position. Thus DGQ significantly contributes to increasing efficiency and success of German companies in international competition.



ABG (Austria Bio Garantie - ORGANIC LTd.) was established as the first body for controlling organic products in Austria in 1993. ABG has the task to control and certify organic products, which range from the biological primary product to the final processor. Like all the other control bodies in Austria, ABG works by order of the food authorities.



Agrovent is an agricultural-veterinary quality agency. They control, certify and project products, processes or quality assurance systems from the manufacturer via the processing plant right up to the consumer.


SAQ Swiss Association for Quality

National activities within an international network. TheSAQ Swiss Association for Quality for nearly 50 years supports organizations in their business development and is the largest and most influential Swiss Association comprehensive in terms of quality and business excellence. At the same time the SAQ looks back on a 20-year partnership with the EFQM and annually awards up to 40 companies for successful participation in the EFQM recognition programme.


University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol

The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol got founded 1997 and counts currently more than 1.200 students from about 30 nations and more than 150 international University-Partnerships worldwide. Distinctive practical relevance and lived internationality, in addition practical research and continuous advancement, the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol stands for.


Q1 Magazine

Q1 was developed as an independent magazine for quality management and integrated management systems in collaboration with leading experts in the fields of Training, Certification and Evaluation in 2013. For a long time quality was a topic of technicians. Today - and probably even more in the future - quality pervades the entire company, all departments and processes. For this reason, Q1 provides his readers not primarily technical or methodological know-how, but also promotes a comprehensive understanding of the relationships and processes within the company. To cover the entire spectrum, in every issue there are three focus areas and additionally an industry focus that examines aspects for one area.


International Personnel Certification Association

The International Personnel Certification Associationundertakes a number of fundamental services that lead to the delivery of its mission. These include the development of competencies required for certification schemes to provide recognition for personnel in a range of fields and disciplines; the implementation of those certification schemes through its member bodies; and the evaluation of scheme implementation through accreditation to ISO17024 and IPC criteria in order to establish confidence in the equivalence of IPC certifications.


Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® is a global human resources consulting, research and training firm specializing in organizational trust. With a 30 years’ experience the firm is committed to improving organisations – and also society as a whole - through creating an excellent workplace culture and thus strengthening organisations for future challenges. Great Place to Work® provides leadership coaching and culture consulting services to businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45 countries on all six continents. Great Place to Work® supports organisations in building trust in the workplace as well as in identifying, deploying und sustaining the criteria that are essential for an excellent working environment.



WdF (Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte - Austrian Managers Association), which was established as an association in 1979, is the only supra-partisan and independent representation of interests for managers in Austria. This means WdF represents the interests of about 2,600 members and is a recognized interlocutor of federal and provincial governments as well as for all the issues regarding managers and the economic site of Austria.


Danube University Krems

The Danube University Krems is the only state-funded university in Europe. The university offers exclusively in the center of Knowledge and Information Management in cooperation with Quality Austria an university course in Quality Management.



SanConsult, located in Vienna and Munich, got founded 1993 and provides services in the divisions Management-Academy and Management-Consulting (Management on  time, Project-Management and –controlling, Structure- and Efficiency Improvement, Businessplan, Budgeting, Cost Accounting and Controlling). Since 2004 the Management-Academy of SanConsult offers training courses with university character with the degree Academic Manager (professional diploma) respectively Master of Science - Management (MSc) inhouse as well as on the open market. Currently the SanConsult Management-Academy makes a name for itself as an appreciated partner in various University-Cooperations in Europe. For making the professionalism and the quality in the realization of advanced training-programmes transparent, ISO 29990:2010 presently gets adopted.


Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz

The Johannes Kepler University Linz boasts future-oriented academic degree programs, excellence in teaching and research, numerous partnerships in Austria and abroad, and a unique campus with park-like grounds. Although a young university (established 1966), in a short period of time the JKU has become in sync with the pulse of science, academics, business and the community. Around 20,000 students are enrolled in over 60 academic degree programs that provide modern, hands-on education and have outstanding career prospects. Research conducted at all three faculties – Social Sciences, Economics & Business, Law, and Engineering & Natural Sciences – is recognized worldwide. The Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business (SOWI) has created its degree programs according to national and international quality standards, thus contributing greatly in an effort to address and solve complex social and business issues. A unique feature in Austria, the University of Linz offers a complete spectrum of degree programs in social, economics, and business studies. The Faculty of Law (RE) focuses on excellence in public, private and international business law. Transnational cooperation efforts deal with legal issues at an international level. The JKU is the only university in Austria that offers a multimedia Diploma degree program in Law and also boasts one of Austria’s most modern, user-friendly law libraries. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (TN) works closely with both local and international businesses and industry. Various cooperation efforts yield numerous synergy effects that benefit both educators and students. The TN Faculty offers a broad, interdisciplinary range of degree programs and the JKU Science Park provides high-tech classrooms and facilities for teaching and research.